Metis Analytics


About us

We are a market research provider and we offer a full suite of automated business intelligence solutions to help our clients answer their toughest business questions. We utilize a Research-as-a-Service model, which means you only pay for the reports that you request, nothing more. This is the most cost-effective way for you to get instant access to the latest company reports, analytics and other intelligence while saving time and maximizing your ROI.

Whether you represent an investment bank boutique, a credit analytics company or a a retail customer, we got you covered.


Why we are different?

Fully automatized

Our infrastructure is 100% automatized, it takes us little time to generate a detailed and in-depth 30 pages company analytics.

Data-driven approach

We retrieve, organize and enrich data in real-time from the web using institutional data sources and publicly accessible sources.

AI Based Solution

We use NLP and advanced web scraping techniques to discover hidden information and current bias surrounding a company, its product and its management.


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